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It is summer already and most of us feel lazy and tired all day. It affects our routine and makes our mind and body suffer because the hot temperature drains all of our energy. And similarly, the winter season soaks up all of our skin moisture and leaves it dry.  Changing seasons can be really frustrating, sometimes. So, what to do to gain an instant face glow and energy? Consider sipping on natural drinks that are easy to make and keep you fit and healthy.  Below is a list of the 5 best healthy drinks to rejuvenate your skin and get overall wellness.  5 Best Healthy Drinks 1. Honey Water Drink- To Burn Some Pounds   Honey-water drink is not only delicious and mouth-watering but also an effective natural fat burner too. The powerful antimicrobial properties of honey improve your digestive system and help strengthen your immunity.  In addition to this, daily intake of honey water can also lower your cholesterol levels and prevent gassy problems.  2. Pomegranate Juice- Keep Your Skin Youthful  Pomegranate juice is a secret drink to look younger. It is an alluring and nourishing drink with anti-aging properties that aid cell renewal and purify your blood. That’s why drinking the luscious pomegranate drink keeps your skin glowing and beautiful.  In addition to this, pomegranate drink is rich in vitamin C that can boost your immune system, and can also help fight colds. 3. Coconut Water- Stay Hydrated Coconut water is the most refreshing drink on our list. This tropical drink is one of the healthiest and energizing drinks to grab in hot summer. It keeps your skin and body hydrated in dry and humid weather.   Furthermore, the coconut contains a high amount of potassium that helps maintain a healthy heartbeat, regulates blood pressure, and protects the heart and arteries.  4. Green Tea- Boost Overall Health    Another skin-loving drink that not only helps you get flawless skin but also helps lose weight faster. Moreover, the antioxidant properties of green tea prevent and lower the risk of various types of cancer such as prostate cancer and breast cancer. Green tea also helps improve brain function and reduce the risk of heart diseases. It is quite beneficial for patients with type II diabetes.  5. Lemon Water or Lemonade- Stay Fit and Energetic   Starting your day with a refreshing glass of lemon water not only keeps you hydrated but also offers many health benefits. Lemonade is a natural electrolyte drink and a surprisingly powerful energy and immunity booster. Since lemon is high in vitamin C, the drink can act as an antioxidant to reduce the risk of heart diseases, lower blood pressure, aid digestion, and support weight loss. Vitamin C can also help reduce wrinkles and aging, thus making your skin look younger and healthy.  Peche Diamond Glow, Best Alternative to Natural Drinks  I know sometimes it becomes hard for you to maintain a healthy routine due to a busy schedule. Or you may even find it hard to drink lots of water daily to get flawless skin and a healthy body.  In that case, consider taking our Peche Diamond Glow health supplement that’s an excellent immune booster and a great supplement for healthy skin. It contains 15 natural ingredients along with vitamin A. B, C, and E to offer a healthy package. You can mix the drink with a glass of normal water or your favorite drink and consume it on a daily basis. Click here to learn more about Diamond Glow benefits or to order the product. 


Did you know that around 284 million people suffer from anxiety disorders around the world every year?  Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses and the deadly pandemic has made more and more people suffer from anxiety where they don’t even realize it. Hence, it is important to know what exactly anxiety is and how it can harm your mind and body.  Let’s find out.  What is Anxiety? According to the American Psychological Association, anxiety is a mental state that makes the person feel tense and worried with some physical changes like accelerated heart rate. It’s a feeling triggered by excessive stress and worry. People with anxiety get carried away with negative emotions and irrational thoughts.  Can Anxiety Cause Body Pain? Reductionist theory suggests that thoughts are nothing but chemical changes in our brain that also impact our physical health. Many mental health professionals identify mental health issues including anxiety, by physical symptoms.  Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety are as follows: Chest Pain Chest tension and sharp or chronic chest pain are the most common symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks. Some people may experience sudden shooting pain while others may have persistent chest pain. People with anxiety may also experience an unusual muscle twist in their chest or feelings of chest burning and dull aches.   Muscle Aches One of the most common reasons for muscle pains is anxiety. It causes the muscles to tense up and ultimately leads to aches throughout the body. Anxiety also weakens the muscles and can lead to joint pain.  Headaches Headache is also a common symptom of anxiety. It usually causes sharp headaches or pain around the eyes. People with panic disorder may also experience a dull ache. Studies also suggest that anxiety upsets hormonal balance in the body, thus leading to migraines.  Breathing Difficulty  If a person experiences panic attacks, it can lead to shortness of breath. People often describe it as a feeling of being suffocated. Shortage of oxygen in the body promotes more anxiety and fear, worsening the situation. How to Manage Symptoms of Anxiety?  During anxiety, the person’s body is in a fight-or-flight situation that makes you more stressed and anxious. It may weaken your immune system, which ultimately leads to pain and other physical symptoms.  So, it’s necessary to bring some changes to your lifestyle to deal with the anxiety, such as:  Exercise; it helps your mind and body relax, thus easing anxiety.  Practice meditation and yoga to reduce stress, get rid of negative vibes, and promote a healthy mind and body.  Stay hydrated. Plus, eat a healthy and nutritious diet for a healthy body and proper brain function. Take multivitamins as they may help reduce oxidative stress and relieve the symptoms of anxiety as suggested by a study.  However, make sure to buy multivitamin supplements from a trusted supplier like pêche. Our Diamond Glow multivitamin supplement is rich in vitamin A, B, C and E, and is HACCP and Halal certified-making it a safe and healthy choice.  Click here for more details or to buy our supplement; we ship worldwide. 

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