3 acne cleansers best to dry your acne fast

which acne cleansers is the best

When you have acne it will become more stressful every day when your acne is more and worsen. Which acne cleansers you should use that could help dry the acne fast or even overnight?

Should you pop your acne or leave it to heal naturally?

You should NEVER pop your acne! You might scar your face. Some acne doesn’t scar but some do. Not knowing which acne can it is better to leave it. Not to worry, the right acne cleansers can help remove your acne fast without popping it.

The best ingredients help dry out your acne fast:

  • Salicylic acid

  • Benzoyl peroxide

  • BHA

3 best acne cleanser dried out your acne fast (tested by me as I also have acne problems before):

  1. Innisfree bija trouble facial foam
  2. Aiken tea tree oil facial cleanser – oil and acne control
  3. Wardah acne foam cleanser

How long should you use the products after you decide it is not working for you?

Give it 2 weeks so your skin can adapt to new changes in skin care products and if after 2 weeks still no good signs then you can change to other products.

Other options best to help with your acne problems:


Usually, acne problems come out because of an unhealthy body which means unhealthy inside of your body. Supplements can help clear toxins from your body and improve your health so your skin can appear clearer and healthier. Taking supplements and applying the right cleanser will definitely help your acne to dry out fast and eventually be removed forever from your face.

Pro Tip

After using acne cleansers that are drying out your acne and literally your skin, you need to cover back the loss of hydration with a hydration toner, moisturizers, sunblocks and etc.


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