1 proven way can remove acne overnight (Updated 2022)

Even one small acne pops up on our face we are already feeling anxious, aren’t we? Thank god I found these products!

I have tried so many skincare products to fight acne-prone skin but I couldn’t find any acne skincare line that works for me. In fact, it dried my skin more and caused more excess oil due to dryness.

More oil = clogged pores

Clogged pores = more acne!

Omg so stressful! I feel you. So desperate to get rid of them as fast as we can and end up trying more products and causing even more damage to the skin. Especially people like me that don’t have the patience.

I went to Innisfree and they suggested I use a hydration skincare line. I tried it but the result is too slow. They explained that our skin needs hydration to fight acne. Makes me wonder why in the world there are so many acne skincare lines in the market that make our skin drier when we need to hydrate the skin to fight acne.

So I did some trial and error with a few brands. Now I know that I need to hydrate my skin but I also need to dry the acne. How do I do this? So I changed my cleanser to a hydration cleanser, and hydration toner, and add spot-on treatment for my acne. The more hydrated my skin, the easier the spot-on treatment to work on my skin.

And I also know that I need extra body hydration for the products to easily absorb into my skin. So I add a hydration collagen supplement to help in absorbing the skincare products.

With only cleanser, toner, spot-on treatment, and supplement for my night skincare routine it has helped me to get clearer and healthier skin. The result is overnight yes! When your body and skin are fully hydrated, any products are easily effective.

During the day I used the same cleanser, and toner and I only apply sunscreen spf50. That’s all. I don’t want my skin too moist as it will make my skin oily. As I said before, oily will makes your pores clogged and lead to acne. So I only use sunscreen. I find it enough for me. You don’t really need too many skincare steps to get your dream skin. Find what works for you.

The key is to hydrate the inside and outside body and find ance spot treatment to dry up the acne. It is very crucial to treat your inside first in order for the skincare to work. So yeah try this method and don’t forget to share with me how it works for you.


acne before afterThis method worked for me. Try it!





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