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Sensitive Skin Acne; Causes, Treatments, Skincare Routine

Having sensitive skin isn’t a disease per se. It’s rather a reaction to a chemical in cosmetics or skincare products or a symptom of an underlying disease. In other words, it’s a skin type that can easily acquire inflammation. From dry skin to Eczema to Rosacea, there are many reasons why you experience sensitive skin in […]

8 Common Questions about Sensitive Skin You Need to Know

People with sensitive skin should be extra careful about choosing the right skincare products. You must be aware of each aspect of skin sensitivity, from skin itching to frequent allergies or skin infections. Here, the most commonly asked questions are discussed that might clear your confusion about causes, signs and recommended skin products for sensitive […]

7 Common Causes of Sensitive Skin and Possible Treatments for Them

Sensitive skin can be a skin characteristic or a symptom of complicated skin disease. Many people can’t recognize they have sensitive skin until exposed to a triggering factor. The stimulant for skin sensitivity may vary from person to person, depending on genetics, skin type, age, gender, and generalized health condition. However, common possible causes of […]

5 Apparent Signs of Dry Skin and Possible Treatments to Reduce the Symptoms

Dry skin, also known as Xerosis, occurs when the skin can’t produce or store enough natural oils. Heredity, skin diseases, dehydration, seasonal variations, and underlying health conditions may cause extreme skin dryness. However, signs of dry skin may vary based on your skin type, age, gender, sun exposure, or generalized health conditions. Let’s have a […]

Can Pigmentation Come Back- Here’s What You Need to Know

Did you know that more than 150 genes directly or indirectly control our skin color? Moreover, the various sizes and numbers of melanocytes (skin cells) result in different skin colors. Therefore any abnormalities in this cell may lead to uneven skin color, also known as pigmentation. Usually, pigmentation is a harmless skin condition, but in […]

6 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation Permanently

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem for many people, specifically women. It occurs due to excessive production of melanin pigment, making the skin darker. Other major causes for hyperpigmentation may be genetics, hormonal imbalance, prolonged sun exposure, environmental factors, or aging. However, hyperpigmentation is not a harmful skin condition and can be treated in many […]

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