Can oily skin and acne return after Accutane? New 5 things

Heard a lot about Accutane and dying to try them to remove oily skin or acne? Know this before you take them

If you are considering Accutane, meaning that you are facing oily skin, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and maybe an imbalance in skin pH too. I’m pretty sure you are not considering Accutane if you already have clear healthy skin.

I too face these problems. The major problem is oily skin. My skin is too dry and it produces excess oils. So my skin cannot be too dry or too moist. Both will give me excess oils which will cause acne and bumps. I believe we need to balance our skin pH to get clear healthy-looking skin. Though it’s not easy!

For your information, Accutane is under prescribe medication that you should only get from skin clinics. The doctor needs to diagnose your skin condition before you can take them. So these are the things that you need to know:

  1. If you are trying to conceive, you can’t take them
  2. If you got pregnant during taking them, you need to abort the baby as it will do so much harm to the baby
  3. There are side effects for some people depending on the body
  4. You will only be taking them for a certain period
  5. Do not buy Accutane from other than clinics

Accutane is a very strong medication. When I took them I had an intrauterine device (IUD) for birth control. So it’s safe for me to take them. The doctor advised me to take them for only 3 months. If I want to get pregnant after completing the medication I need to wait 1 month to let my body fully clear the medication.

Honestly, I think we need more time. I feel like 1 month is not enough but hey I’m not the doctor. Just my opinion. I wouldn’t risk it. I will take at least 6 months to get pregnant again, to be safe.

So does it work? Yes, after 2 weeks my ance is cleared from my face. Fortunately, I don’t get any side effects. Phewww! I thought about Accutane many times before taking it as it will have side effects. Some people will have more acne during taking it before it clears their skin. Thank god I didn’t have it.

I keep taking it until I finished my tablets for 3 months. I took it once in 2 days as it is very strong. It dries my skin not only on my face but the whole body. My heel started to crack and my whole body skin extra dries. Well, as expected. Accutane’s function is to dry the skin to remove acne from the skin. I took the opportunity to switch my cleanser to a mild one during the consumption. I want to start over with a simple skincare routine.

So what happened after I finished my Accutane? After a while, my foreheads started to get these tiny bumps. I guess the mild cleanser is not enough to remove the oils. I could say I was 100% relying on Accutane. I went back to the clinic to get more Accutane as the acne and oily skin came back. Again, I’m on Accutane. I was on and off for few times until I decided I have to find the right skincare routine and fix it once and for all.

To answer the question, does oily skin come back after Accutane? In my experience, it does. I learned that we need to hydrate our body and skin to maintain it clear and healthy. I started using hydration cleanser, hydration toner, deep penetration moisturizer, sunscreen, drinking more water and also drinking supplements for more nutrition to help the internal system so my skincare products will absorb faster and deeper. The supplement helped a lot.

I can see that if my skin is dry, it starts to appear red, or acne starts to pop. So I always keep my skin hydrated. I keep on trying new skincare products that are based on hydration. The more hydration it can give me the better it is for my skin.

If you are still want to try Accutane, you can but my advice to start a new skincare routine base on hydration when you start taking Accutane. I think that way will help maintain your skin clear and healthy. Well, I have to go through so many trials but it’s okay. At least I can share this experience with you guys. I really hope this would help you make the decision.

Please share with me your experience on Accutane too. I would love to read them in the comment section down below. Much love 😘

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No more oily skin & acne
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