Can Psoriasis Be Cured? Treatments and Homemade Remedies

Can Psoriasis be Cured

Over 7.5 million adults in America are diagnosed with psoriasis. It’s an autoimmune disease that affects a person’s skin and appears as red, violet, or pink patches with silver, gray, or white scales. The soreness and throbbing pain these red patches cause make the affected person wonder if there is any cure for this skin disorder. 

Let’s have a look at the possible treatments and ways that can help ease the symptoms of psoriasis.

Can Psoriasis be Cured? 

Though no proper cure for psoriasis exists, there are several ways to help the psoriasis patient feel better and manage severe flare-ups. You can take topical treatments, phytotherapy, and home precautions to eliminate psoriasis symptoms completely.

Topical Treatment for Psoriasis 

Salicylic Acid

Using shampoos and scalp solutions containing salicylic acid can diminish the scaling of scalp psoriasis. You can use it alone, or for better effect, combine it with other medications so it easily penetrates in the skin.


Calcipotriol or calcipotriene is a powerful synthetic vitamin D that controls the overactive cells of the skin. Some physicians may pair it with steroid creams. 


In phototherapy, a person’s skin is exposed to ultraviolet light by an expert. These rays can slow down the growth of skin cells causing psoriasis. You need to take consistent and frequent sessions of this therapy. 

You can also try sitting in the sun for a few minutes to reduce plaques. However, excessive exposure to the sun is not a good idea as it can increase the chances of skin cancer in some patients. 

Psoriasis Treatment at Home 

Soak Your Body

Taking a lukewarm bath with olive oil, Epsom salt, or milk can soothe the itchiness and those creepy scales and plaques. Oatmeal baths are very effective for soothing plaque psoriasis symptoms. Do not use hot water as it may cause more irritation. 

Moisturize your body immediately after taking a bath to avoid it getting dry. Try putting a humidifier in your office or home to moisten the air.

Quitting Smoking

Smokers are at more risk of getting psoriasis or if one already has it, smoking will make the symptoms worse. So, stop smoking to soothe the symptoms. 

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is the culprit for causing psoriasis in many. Research shows that women who drink beer have increased chances of getting psoriasis than those who don’t. 

Take Dietary Supplements  

As psoriasis occurs due to the dysfunctionality of the immune system, treating it externally alone won’t help. Try consuming dietary supplements to treat psoriasis symptoms internally. Taking diets containing Fish oil and vitamin D are reported to aid mild psoriasis symptoms. 

Diamond Glow is a blend of 15 natural active ingredients, including vitamin A, B, C, and E. Consuming this supplement may help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. However, always consult your doctor before taking any supplements to ensure they don’t affect your condition negatively.  

Take Away 

Autoimmune skin diseases like psoriasis come and go throughout the patient’s life. Although there is no proper cure for psoriasis, certain home remedies and topical treatments can help reduce the symptoms and prevent potential breakouts. Read this guide to learn how you can treat or manage psoriasis to control its spread and reduce pain.

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