What Causes Fatigue in Women?

Fatigue in women is often linked to psychological distress, chronic health problems, or insomnia research describes. Almost 1 in 5 women suffer from fatigue or extreme tiredness that disrupts the overall health and quality of life. However, most women accept this problem as a challenge to manage their careers and personal lives. Here, some of the most common causes of women’s fatigue are discussed below.

Thyroid Disfunction

Hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid gland is a more common cause of fatigue in women. Thyroid hormone regulates food energy production, so an underactive thyroid causes low energy production, leading to tiredness.  Weight gain and muscles weakness are the visible signs of hypothyroidism.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Being deficient in vitamin D can pose multiple health problems, including fatigue in women. Its deficiency results in losing bone strength, depression, tiredness and related health problems. According to a study, vitamin D deficiency may cause autoimmune disorders, hypertension or chronic diseases. The same research suggests taking at least 800-1000 IU vitamin D3/d to achieve better health outcomes.


Losing too much blood during your periods or pregnancy is a leading cause of fatigue. Sometimes a heavy period flow may lose even 8cc of blood in a month, leading to anemia, causing drowsiness. Blood loss during childbirth also causes anemia (iron deficiency). Moreover, malnutrition may be another cause of iron deficiency. Due to constant anemia, your blood can’t transport enough oxygen to each cell resulting in extreme weakness.


Feeling fatigued can be a hallmark of depression and anxiety. Depressed women are more prone to develop mental and physical fatigue than contented and happy ones. However, usually, women remain in a state of constant depression due to workload and family matters. Treating depression can boost your energy.

Lack of Better Sleep

Many women around the globe experience a hectic routine due to managing their career and family life together. Constant struggle and stress cause insomnia (lack of enough ideal sleep), making you dull or exhausted. It’s better to calm your nerves by doing relaxation exercises or meditation to get better sleep.

Malnutrition or Imbalanced Diet

Nutrition deficiency may be a fundamental issue causing fatigue in women. Usually, you don’t pay attention to taking a healthy balanced diet along with managing your family and personal career. That’s why, at some stage of life, you face permanent fatigue problems. Taking a healthy balanced diet (good ratio of protein, carbohydrates, fats) and enough water intake can boost your metabolism, making you energetic. You may also consider consuming energy-boosting multivitamins that might help you combat fatigue, such as Diamond Glow.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Lack of physical activities like exercise, walking, and yoga is one of the main reasons causing fatigue. An active life helps improve your cardiovascular fitness by increasing the blood flow to each cell and muscles of the body. Thus, you may become more energetic, stress free and productive.

Fatigue can be due to a busy routine life or an underlying health concern. Try to make your life fatigue-free by adopting healthy lifestyle modifications, consuming healthy diet, and taking medication depending upon the root cause of extreme tiredness.

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