Imbalanced skin ph level get balanced again overnight (2022)

imbalanced skin

Oily, dry, and combination skin shows that you have imbalanced skin. Check out this simple method.

When you have an imbalanced skin pH level, you can face skin problems like oily skin, dryness, combination skin, acne, and many more.

How can you balance back your imbalanced skin pH levels and achieve skin goals? There are a few methods and I will recommend you the easiest method for you to try.

Other factors that can affect skin pH include:

These factors can lead to unbalanced skin pH. Having skin pH that is too high can make you more likely to have acne.

How to check your pH skin?

  • Test-strips
  • Dermatologist
  • Observe and estimate

How to balance skin pH?

  • Wash with gentle cleansers
  • Toner (Guaranteed help but recommeded to use hydration toner)
  • Moisturize
  • Exfoliate (I don’t prefer this as for sensitive & dry skin usually doesn’t work)
  • Consume supplement (Easiest & Recommended)

Please know that all I share is based on my experience having imbalanced skin and acne. Supplemet really helps to treat from inside so that whatever skincare products that we use work effectively.

If you tried my simple method please share with me your journey. I would be down to know if you have new tips and hacks. Please share it in the comment section down below. Much love 😘


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