Oily skin latest pros and cons using cleansing oil (2022)

can oily skin use cleansing oil

Choosing the right skincare products for oily skin is crucial. Especially when it comes to choosing either cleansing water or cleansing oil.

I too once experienced having oily skin so I really understand the struggles of choosing the right products so we do not tend to have acne. We always struggle with acne popping out. I have tried also using both cleansing oil and cleansing water so I would love to share with you my experience.

I have tried green tea cleansing oil from Innisfree. They recommended me the full set of green tea skincare lines for my skin condition. This was years ago when I still have oily skin. I really love how it cleanses my skin but it doesn’t remove my excess oil. My face was still shiny and oily. I used it until it finished but didn’t result in any changes in my skin’s pH levels.

Since it doesn’t result how I want it, I moved on to other brands. After a while, I went back to Innisfree and this time they recommended I try the cleansing water but also green tea lines. This time, the magic happened! It suits my skin. Suits my oily skin and reduces my excess oil and my skin is no more shiny but only glowy naturally.

But at the same time, I was consuming supplements that help balanced back my skin’s pH levels. So I guessed the combination of these two works wonders for my skin.

Why is cleansing oily not suitable for oily skin?

  • You should avoid any oils in your skincare routine
  • More oils can clog your pores
  • Clogged pores can lead to acne and other skin conditions

Cleaning oil vs cleansing water

  • Take from my experience, you should go for cleansing water
  • Go for hydration cleansing water
  • The more you hydrate your skin, the better for your skin

Pro Tip: 

Take supplements to help boost skin hydration and balanced back your skin’s pH level at the same time. Remember, the goal is to get normal skin. Try this way and see how it works on you as it has helped me free from having oily skin. Don’t forget to comment down below if my tips have helped you. Much love 😘




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