8 Signs that Tell You May Have Oily Skin

You surely have heard about different skin types: normal, combination, dry, sensitive, and oily. Each type has its unique symptoms and causes that vary from one person to another. But the signs of oily skin are pretty much the same for every person having oily skin.

For instance, excess production of sebum is one of the major causes of oiliness on your skin, typically caused by hormones, genetics, or environmental factors. However, some other signs tell that you might have an oily skin type, i.e.,


A universal sign of oily skin is the overproduction of sebum throughout the day, making your skin look shinier or greasy. You can deal with your oil slick face by using blotting paper to strip away oil from your face instead of blotting powder to prevent a “cake face” look after using makeup.

Enlarged Pores in T-Zone

If you notice large pores on the chin, nose, and forehead, also known as the T-Zone area, this could be the side effect of oily skin. Usually, this happens because of blocked/clogged pores that can be reduced by using a good timer or exfoliant.


Obviously, the excess production of oil causes clogged pores that ultimately lead to breakouts. Experts recommend using gentle cleansers to clear out the pores and prevent future acne.


Another sign of oilier skin is visible blackheads that cause due to excess sebum accumulation at the root of hair follicles in your skin. When the sebum gets air, it oxidizes and changes to black, forming blackheads.

Get Shinier Skin Shortly After Cleansing

One way to confirm whether you have oily skin or not is by checking your skin after you have done cleansing. If your skin gets oily shortly after cleansing, then chances are you have an oily skin type. Consider using a water-based gentle cleanser instead of foaming ones. This will help control the sebum production on your face and give you balanced skin.

Constantly Feeling to Dry Away Your Face

Do you need to dry out your face after every few seconds? Then you might have oily skin. However, drying out your oil too quickly is not a good idea because along with the excess shine, it strips away all your natural oil from the face as well. It can cause your skin gland to produce more oil.

Your Makeup Doesn’t Stay In Place.

People with oily skin always find it hard to keep their makeup in place all day. So, if your makeup melts after a few hours, then chances are you might have oily skin. Consider using powder makeup to lock in your base (if you have to use makeup).

Skin Tightness or Dryness ﹘ No Way!

If you have oily skin, your face rarely gets dry or feels tight; instead, your skin feels more thick or greasy.

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