Advantages and Disadvantage of Oily Skin [Updated 2022]

Every skin type comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Girls with dry skin are often worried about wrinkles, chapped lips, and dull skin tone. Likewise, those with oily skin are frustrated with unwanted pimples and shine on their skin. But every skin type has certain advantages as well, and the same goes for oily skin.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of oily skin.

Advantages of Oily Skin

It Slows Down the Aging Process

An amazing advantage of oily skin is that it slows down your skin’s aging process. People with oily skin tend to have less visible fine lines on their faces because of their oily appearance. Thus, oily skin keeps you from spending time and money on anti-aging products, creams, or treatments.

Keeps Your Skin Moisturized and Soft

Do you know that having oil on your skin is actually important to keep your skin hydrated? It helps keep your skin naturally hydrated and smooth. Unlike dry skin types, people with oily skin don’t have to make a huge effort in moisturizing their skin.

Protects Your Skin

The good news, the oil on your skin acts as a shield against wind, air pollution, and sun rays. That doesn’t mean having oily skin can fully protect you from environmental factors, but the layer of oil does help. It’s specifically helpful in the winter season when the air is drier and your skin is prone to more damage.

Disadvantages of Oily Skin

Your Face Look Greasy

Where some people with oilier skin get beautiful and glowing skin with a natural glow, there are people whose skin goes beyond the “glow” and looks extra shiny and greasy. In some cases, excess oil production makes it hard for those with oily skin to wear makeup all day long.

However, buying the right cosmetics can be a game-changer; it may help prevent makeup from melting and allow it to stay on your face for hours. If you have an oily skin type, consider buying a good powder foundation to give your face a more matte finish.

Clogged Pores

Another biggest con of oily skin is that the excess oil on your skin can block pores, which often lead to acne and breakouts. Although, you can reduce the risk of clogging pores and keep your skin healthy by following a good skin care regimen. For instance, wash your face regularly, exfoliate your skin, and take oily-skin friendly multivitamins.

It Makes It Harder to Skip a Wash

For oily skin types, washing your face regularly is essential. Otherwise, too much oil production can block the pores that increase the chances of a breakout. If you are wearing makeup on your skin, make sure you wipe it off before going to sleep, or else it may give rise to different skin issues.

Having oily skin is never bad; however, controlling the excess oil is necessary. Click here to learn how to take good care of your oily skin type. Have any questions? Feel free to ask us in the comments below!


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