The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

skincare routine for combination skin

Like any other skin type, combination skin also demands proper cleansing, moisturizing, and protection to help achieve well-nourished, smooth, and glowing skin. However, maintaining a proper skincare routine for combination skin can be challenging at times. You want to balance moisture in dry and oily parts of your skin without losing necessary natural skin oil.  

This article shares a skincare routine guide for people with combination skin. Let’s start! 

Morning Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Cleanse with a Foaming Gel Cleanser

Using a gel cleanser helps remove excess oil on combination skin. Its gentle exfoliation formula balances skin texture and develops a protective sheath around it. Salicylic acid, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid are excellent ingredients for a youthful skin tone in combination skin types.

Apply Toner 

Toner is perfect for balancing skin pH by removing any excess oil left after cleansing. Make sure to use alcohol-free toner because it might cause irritation or burning sensation for sensitive skin or combination skin otherwise.


A good quality serum can fulfill the demands of skin moisturization by effectively hydrating the skin and protecting it from the patchy texture caused by extreme dryness.

People with combination skin need two moisturizers for their skin, i.e., creamy or gel formula for dry skin and water-based formula for oily skin areas. 

Apply Sunscreen

Sun protection is essential for all skin types in your skincare routine. The best sunscreen should be broad spectrum with SPF 30 or above, protecting against UVA and UVB sun rays. Apply a small quantity to different points on skin exposed to sunlight and pat the area for absorption. You must apply sunscreen every time you go out or even every 2-3 hours of sun exposure.

Night Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Remove Makeup 

Clearing skin pores from makeup and keeping them unclogged is necessary for nourished skin. Make sure to remove all the makeup before going to bed because any leftover product may cause a rough and dull appearance. You can use any mild cleansers or natural skin products for this purpose.


After removing makeup products, you need to apply a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt, bacteria, or makeup remnants. 


Exfoliation is essential for removing dead skin cells, unclogging skin pores, and protecting from extreme dryness.  Typically, the number of exfoliation sessions should not exceed twice a week. 

Apply Face Mask

Go for a multi-tasking face mask once a week to get balanced, well-nourished, and radiant skin. You can also make a DIY facial mask containing natural ingredients.


Apply a gentle moisturizer or a high-quality serum on dry patches of the skin to get a hydrated texture.

Best Ingredients for Combination Skin

  • Hyaluronic acid is an excellent ingredient for combination skin as it hydrates the skin without leaving oily residues.
  • Salicylic acid regulates and balances oil production in the skin.
  • Lactic acid helps clear skin pores by removing dead skin cells.
  • Emollients such as shea butter or coconut oil soften and rejuvenate the skin texture.

Bottom Line

Following a good skincare routine for combination skin can help revitalize skin by balancing its moisture. Moreover, you can take Peche’s Diamond Glow, a multivitamin supplement enriched with vitamins, minerals, collagen, and antioxidants to boost skin nourishment in all skin types.

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