What Acne Says About Your Health

Acne is a common skin condition that says a lot about your health. According to ancient Chinese techniques, acne on your ears indicates kidney issues whereas liver disorders cause acne on your cheek. This belief is also scientifically proven that the breakout of acne on your skin is due to various underlying health conditions. 

If you have acne on any area of your body, then it is important to know what it indicates about your health. Let’s see what acne is trying to tell you about your health. 

Acne on Cheeks

If you have acne at the top of your cheeks, then you might have some respiratory issues. In contrast, the acne on the lower cheeks indicates poor dental hygiene and exposure to air pollutants. Lower acne can also be due to surface bacteria that come in contact with your skin from dirty pillowcases and bedsheets. 

Washing your sheets and pillowcases may reduce and help prevent face pimples and acne from coming back. 

Acne on Chin, Neck, and Jawline 

Chin and jawline acne indicate the fluctuation in hormones and an imbalance in the endocrine system. Hormonal acne comes in a cycle and worsens with menopause and menstruation. This is due to high levels of androgen and estrogen. 

Women having acne around their necks is a sign of hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, it is associated with Polycystic Syndrome (PCOS). You can reduce your chin, neck, or jawline acne by taking healthy diets and getting regular sleep. But if the chin acne continues, consult a dermatologist. 

T-Zone Acne 

T-zone refers to the region between the two eyebrows down to the nose and chin. Acne in this area is linked to food allergens or gastrointestinal imbalances. There are more oil glands present on T-zone than anywhere on the face, making this region more prone to pimples. 

Since excess production of sebum will result in acne, however, acne on the nose indicates that you might have kidney or liver issues. Try reducing red meat consumption and adding more plant-based meals to your diet to get rid of T-zone acne. 

Forehead Acne

If you have acne around the hairline or temples, it is a sign of a poor digestive system. Pimples at the forehead represent digestive issues related to improper digestion, poor diet, and irritable bowel. 

To solve this problem, drink a lot of water, eat a balanced diet, and sleep at least seven hours a day. 

Back, Arms, and Thigh Acne  

Hormone fluctuation and genetics often cause back, arm, and thigh acne. Sometimes, even the type of cloth you wear might irritate your skin and result in breakouts. Controlling acne in these body areas is quite tricky, but you can still reduce it with proper care.  

Use a moisturizer and sunblock to control this acne. Consider carrying lightweight purses and backpacks as heavy bags cause friction which leads to acne in the back or arms. 

Does this article help you know what acne says about your health?

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