What Skin Condition Do I Have?

There are many types of skin diseases, and different people show different symptoms and levels of severity according to their skin condition and type. It could be permanent or temporary, painless or painful, genetic or situational, and might be minor or life-threatening. 

Want to know what skin condition you may have? This article will help identify your skin problem, its causes, symptoms, and treatment.  

7 Common Skin Disorders 

Most skin diseases include clogging, irritation, and inflammation, which often lead to rashes or change your skin appearance. Here are some common skin disorders:


Cause ﹘  Blockage of skin follicles results in oily skin, bacteria growth, and accumulation of dead skin in your pores. It appears mostly on the face, shoulders, neck, chest, and upper back. 

Symptoms ﹘ Whiteheads, blackheads, small red, tender bumps, pimples, painful and pus-filled lumps. 

Treatment ﹘ Take antibiotics, oral medications, medicated creams, gel, or acne supplements


Cause ﹘ Eczema can be genetic and may be caused by allergens like pollen, dust mites, molds, or food. 

Symptoms ﹘  Dry, itchy, scaly, or cracked skin. You may also notice hair fall in the area with a rash. 

Treatment ﹘ Currently, there is no proper treatment available to cure Eczema. However, you can use emollients such as moisturizers and special bath oils. For severe Eczema, doctors may suggest phototherapy or ultraviolet (UV) light treatment. 

Alopecia Areata 

Cause ﹘ Patchy hair loss anywhere on the body.  

Symptoms ﹘ Change in finger and toenails such as rough, thin, split, white spots, etc. Sudden hair loss, cadaver hairs, and growth of white hairs.

Treatment ﹘ Topical immunotherapy and agents (Anmthralin, Minoxidil), oral treatments (Cortisone), and light therapy.


Cause ﹘ It is an immune system disorder that regenerates skin faster than normal.

Symptoms ﹘ Scaly, silver skin patches that often feel hot. 

Treatment ﹘ Light therapy, vitamin D-based supplements, cream or ointment, moisturizers for dry skin


Cause ﹘ Hot drinks and spicy foods, alcoholic beverages like red wines, temperature extremes, emotions, exercise, or drugs that dilate blood vessels, including blood pressure medications.

Symptoms ﹘ Burning sensation, facial blushing (chronic rashes accompanied pimples on the face), eye problems, visible veins, and enlarged nose.

Treatment ﹘ Brimonidine gel, Azelaic acid gel, topical treatment such as oxymetazoline and Ivermectin.


Causes ﹘ It occurs when pigment-producing cells stop producing melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives your eye, skin, and hair color.

Symptoms ﹘ Loss of skin pigment cells results in discolored patches on different body parts, including hair, skin, and mucous membrane. 

Treatment ﹘ Use sunscreen, phototherapy with UVB and UVA light, and depigmentation. 

Skin Cancer

Cause ﹘ Cancer occurs due to mutation in the DNA of skin cells. The mutation causes the uncontrolled development of abnormal skin cells and forms a mass of cancer cells. It can also be due to genetic or occur excess exposure to sunlight, arsenic, coal, industrial tar, or certain types of oils. 

Symptoms ﹘ An unusual skin growth, sore bumps, a new mole, skin lesions, dark spot, or scaly patch that does not go away. 

TreatmentChemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, radiational therapy, topical treatments such as photodynamic therapy. 

These are some of the common skin disorders, their symptoms, and treatment for them. Have you been a victim of any other skin condition? Do share with us in the comments below! 

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