Who is Eqa Fakhri? She is a mother, entrepreneur, and advocate of women empowerment. Having graduated with a Diploma in Accounting from the Management and Science University (MSU), she started off her career with Public Mutual as a Unit Trust Consultant. There, she managed to gain valuable experiences and her leadership quality was recognized through promotion to an Agency Supervisor within just three months after her joining the company.

However, the ambition to gain success gave her the push she needed and she decided to leave the comfort of her stable job to pursue her own passion. In 2017, she embarked on a new journey and pêche was born.

The birth of pêche started because when she was a student, she suffered from low self esteem and a lack of confidence due to her acne problems. She then met with a product that was recommended to her and within 7 days of consuming it, she saw an improvement in her skin. Like all good things, she believed it should be shared with the world and Diamond Glow became available to the market in hopes to help other women with their confidence. With a RM900 budget, she was able to get 15 bottles of Diamond Glow and used the balance to market the product. Now pêche restocks 10,000 bottles of Diamond Glow a month.

Diamond Glow is a skin enhancer and energy booster and has managed to take the world by storm. Eqa’s dream of supporting and empowering women to pursue their passion and to gain financial stability allowed for her to develop a Leadership Program driven by a system that is easy to understand, follow, practice, and replicate, with a product that works. pêche started with just one person. It was challenging, but she persisted. And now her business has grown into a team of 11, with a network of 8 sole distributors, 23 stockists, and 400 agents across 7 countries.

Eqa Fakhri makes it a point to continuously invest her time and effort in mentoring and providing tools for her team to succeed. She is at her happiest when she sees the women she has mentored excel and achieve their goals no matter how small. Seeing the feedback from her consumers and seeing how Diamond Glow has restored their confidence and how it has improved their lives, makes all her hard work worthwhile. 

In line with the goal to empower women, pêche has introduced the #unleashyourpeche movement with the intention to spread love, support and empowerment to women worldwide. 

She doesn’t stop there! With her dynamic team and loyal customers, pêche is expanding day by day and continues to inspire more women to have the best quality of life and to take the leap in gaining success.  

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