3 effortless way to remove your acne scars

Once you successfully removed your acne, you are now finding a solution for your acne scars. If not, you are not reading this 😁

Acne scars can be removed in a few ways such as by using skincare products, laser treatment, or taking supplements. I am going to share with you the cheapest way based on my experience.

I have tried Vitamin E before to remove my acne scars and it has shown results but I find it very hard to maintain with Vitamin E. I am talking about pure thick texture Vitamin E in oil form. And the smell is a little bit uncomfortable. If you wanna try using Vitamin E oil, you go for the highest IU. The higher the IU, the better for your scars to reduce. I find it very hard to sleep with Vitamin E on my face. My pillowcase will get very messy unless you can sleep very still and not move at all.

I would suggest you go for any topical products that have a whitening effect as they will lighten your skin as well as your scars. Usually, skincare products contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a famous ingredient when it comes to whitening. It is proven effective in whitening the skin. There are many Vitamin C serums on the market that you can try. You can opt for Vitamin C ampoules as it penetrates deeper than the serum.

If you have normal acne scars, it is way easier for you to remove them but some people who have deeper acne scars, need to treat it using both ways inside and outside. I would highly recommend people with deeper ance scars consume supplements to repair their skin from the inside so that the topical products they used will work more effectively.

Honestly, even for normal acne scars, the combination of consuming supplements and applying topical products is way more effective than only using topical products. Down below is the products that I love. After trying other products, I will go back to these ones as their results are just WOW!

to maintain my skin from getting acne – acne spot treatment & Diamond Glow collagen supplement

to lighten and remove my acne scars – Diamond Glow collagen supplement & night treatment moisturizer

Pro Tip: You need to always keep your skin and body hydrated to make sure the products you used effectively work. Either drink enough water, use hydration skincare or consume supplements to give you the nutrients you need. A dry body and skin tend to work slower than hydrated ones. So this part is very crucial for you.

acne scars removed

Diamond Glow + acne spot treatment result


acne scars and acne removed

Diamond Glow result


acne scars removed

Diamond Glow result


These are the results of the Diamond Glow collagen supplement. Treating your inner body is a must as many skin problems come from unhealthy inside of your body. So in order for you to maintain clearer and healthier skin forever, you need to consider taking collagen supplements as they will provide your body with extra nutrients that your body really needs. Especially when we grow older, our body produced lesser and lesser collagen. Read up about how important collagen is for healthy skin and body. You will find so many facts and proven results from taking collagen.

You can read my other blog post where I share my hydration skincare routine and products that I used here. If you decided to try my method, please share with me how it works for you. I would really love to know if it helps lighten your skin or not. You can share it in the comment section below okay. Much love 😘


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