12 new surprising apricot skin and health benefits

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Apricots may be small, but they’re big in both flavor and nutrition. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, with a flavor ranging from sweet to sweet-tart, depending on the variety. The flesh of it is soft and somewhat juicy when ripe, and they have velvety skin with soft fuzz.

When Is The Best Time For You To Take Them?

It can be had any time of the day. They are commonly eaten during the evening or at night. You can either have dried ones as they are or garnish them over salads, cereals, or some other recipes. Being naturally sweet, it can also be had as dessert.

How Many Apricots You Should Eat A Day?

The recommended portion is 30 grams (3 or 4 pisces). All dried fruit contains the same nutritional qualities as the original fresh fruit. In fact, the dried form contains more antioxidants, minerals, and fiber than the raw original.

12 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Apricots

  1. Very nutritious and low in calories. Apricots are very nutritious and contain many essential vitamins and minerals.

  2. High in antioxidants.

  3. May promote eye health.

  4. May boost skin health.

  5. May promote gut health.

  6. High in potassium.

  7. Very hydrating.

  8. May protect your liver.

  9. Easy to add to your diet.

  10. Good for your heart.

  11. Good for your blood.

  12. Strengthen your bones.

Best Way For You To Take Them

  • Make as a smoothie

  • Drink as a juice

  • Eat just like that

  • Drink supplements that contain apricots

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