#pechenakbantu campaign – An initiative to help women become financially independent during the pandemic.

Help! It’s a word we all know. It’s something we all try our best to do. It’s something that all of us at pêche strive for; helping women and communities.

The #pechenakbantu campaign was born to help empower women, and allow them to independently create a source of income. Nak bantu is malay for wanting to help. 

#pechenakbantu is based on one easy-to-follow idea, sell one bottle of Diamond Glow a day to one person, and at the end of the month, you will have thirty customers. Since #pechenakbantu is based on a dropshipping model, each person who signs up doesn’t have to worry about having initial capital to start. In addition, we have decided to increase the profit margin specifically for this campaign to help those in need. 

In order to help motivate and keep the energy up pêche will also reward those who are able to sell one bottle of Diamond Glow a day consistently, with GRAND CASH BONUS. We also provide marketing tips, tools, and materials for those who are a part of our #pechenakbantu campaign. The idea is to empower and motivate women to take control of their current situation and eventually be financially independent. 

pêche is about women, for women, by women and is set to make a difference in the lives of all women.

For more information about our #pechenakbantu campaign please visit –

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