Can Stress Cause Acne?

Most of us have dealt with acne at some point in our lives. Studies show that about 85% of individuals will get some form of acne in life. Where various things can cause acne such as hormonal changes and poor diet, stress is one of the major causes of acne.

The relationship between stress and acne has been a topic of discussion for a long time.  Let’s shed light on the most hyped question “can stress cause acne?”

The Connection between Stress and Acne

For many years, doctors believed that stress worsens acne, but there was no significant research to back this claim. However, modern research has supported the fact that stress has a connection with acne.

Stanford University published a study in 2003 which reported that college students had increased acne flare-up during exam season. This was the time when students had more mattress levels compared to usual days. The study concluded that acne severity is directly related to high levels of stress.

Cortisol, Stress, and Acne

Cortisol is one of the key elements that cause stress and thus acne. An upsurge in cortisol levels disrupts the hormonal balance in the body. This affects the sebum balance, leading to excess oil production and acne breakouts. Cells that produce sebum have receptors for stress hormones. Sebum is an oily product that mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria build-up and clogs the hair follicles, which causes pimples or severe forms of acne.

When a person (who has acne) goes through stress, the sebum-producing cells get uprooted. This means that excessive oil is produced by the glands that clog the hair follicles and result in more acne.

How Stress Makes You Mess with Your Skin

Are you habitual of picking your skin? Skin care experts warn as it’s an extremely unhealthy practice. Some people pick their skin when stressed or upset, which exacerbates blemishes and acne.

Garner says that people shouldn’t pick or squeeze the pimples as it can lead to scarring. Not only does it leave a tough mark but worsens the existing skin condition. Lisa A. Garner, MD, FAAD, a clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, says that if you already have acne and face any stressful situation, it’s time when acne starts to flare up.

To Wrap It Up

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