Collagen drinks latest mind-blowing effectiveness (2022)

collagen drinks

As you are growing older, you are losing collagen by 1.0% – 1.5% every year. Reducing collagen can cause the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Do collagen drinks really effective?

Before we explain more about collagen drinks let’s look at what causes your collagen to be reduced. Reducing collagen every year in your body because of age is natural but what other factors can cause you to lose more collagen?

  • Ultraviolet (UV light)

  • Smoking

  • High sugar intake

  • Inflammation triggering diet

  • Stress

  • Genetics

What can you do to boost back your collagen?

Take collagen drinks

    • Preclinical studies show that ingesting marine collagen repairs skin collagen, boosts skin collagen and elastin protein fibers, and produces a significant thickening of the outer skin surface (epidermis). It will result in decreased wrinkles and improved skin hydration and firmness.
    • Collagen supplements also can promote bone growth/healing/strength. In cell culture, ingesting marine collagen increases collagen synthesis and helps incorporate minerals into the bone matrix. In addition, marine collagen supplementation significantly increases the size and mineral density of femur bones.
    • Collagen supplements may help improve protein intake and body composition. Marine collagen is a pure protein with no fat or carbohydrate to dilute its impact. Therefore, marine collagen’s proline content can help increase lean body mass.

7 best foods that can boost your collagen:

  1. Beef bone broth
  2. Skin-on chicken
  3. Sardines
  4. Organ meats
  5. Berries
  6. Broccoli
  7. Aloe vera juice

What is the best type of collagen that benefits the skin?

Type I collagen is usually considered best for the skin. It is the most abundant type of collagen in the body. It maintains healthy bones, skin, hair, and nails. Like all types of collagen, levels of type I collagen begin to decline after about 25 years of age.

What is marine collagen made of from collagen drinks?

Marine, or fish, collagen comes from the skin of fish. It can help you bring your levels up. You may already use cosmetics with collagen in them but in most of these products, the collagen comes from pig and cow skins.

Marine collagen is best if you want to improve your skin by looking young and healthy.

In conclusion, researchers found that taking collagen drinks is highly effective in increasing and boosting collagen production. Taking it consistently over a long time can reduce your wrinkles, and fine lines and makes you look younger than your age.



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