7 Research-based Health Benefits of Staying Hydrated

health benefits of staying hydrated

Do you drink enough water to stay hydrated? If not, you’re putting your health at risk of various health conditions such as constipation, dull skin, fatigue, and more. Drinking around 6-8 glasses of water a day is considered ideal; however, the required quantity depends on your body weight. 

Staying hydrated helps you maintain perfect weight, prevent diseases, combat fatigue, and reduce stress. It also regulates body temperature and improves blood circulation, thus helping attain ideal health.

Let’s have a look at some vital roles of hydration in our bodies. Keep reading!

7 Amazing Benefits Benefits of Staying Hydrated for Your Body 

Helps Weight Loss

Increasing water intake helps reduce weight as it provides a satiating feel, thus helping reduce calorie intake. 

According to a study, consuming around 500ml water combined with a hypocaloric diet before each meal significantly contributes to weight loss than individually following a hypocaloric diet plan.

Another study reveals that increasing body hydration may help lose weight in premenopausal women aged 25-50 years.

Improves Physical Fitness

Staying hydrated can boost your energy and physical fitness. It lubricates joints, strengthens muscles, reduces fatigue, and improves overall health. Moreover, a well-hydrated body enhances the functioning of vital body organs such as the liver or kidneys. So, the body becomes more active and healthy even in old age.

Reduces Joint Pain

Water makes up about 80% of the cartilage in our joints. Staying hydrated keeps your joints lubricated, which reduces friction by providing an extra “cushion” between the bones. Less friction ensures fewer aches and pains and smoother-moving joints.

Boosts Cognitive Functions

Well-maintained body hydration is essential for better health and cognitive functions. Many studies indicate that extreme dehydration can have a negative impact on brain functionality and memory status.

According to The National Institute of Health, a person’s cognitive performance decreases with every 2% decrease in body weight caused by dehydration or physical exertion. Thus, proper intake of fluids is essential for mental health.

Boosts Immune System

Keeping yourself well-hydrated is an excellent way to combat various diseases such as constipation, urinary tract infections, cardiovascular problems, kidney stones, etc. A hydrated body boosts your immunity, hence helping fight chronic diseases.

Improves Kidney Functioning

Kidneys are the body’s essential organs involved in carrying out the filtration process by removing the toxins from the blood. Dehydration often results in compromised kidney functionality, leading to a build-up of wastes or toxins. Proper hydration improves the filtration process, thus improving the GFR (glomerular filtration rate) of kidneys.

Helps Prevent Headaches or Migraine

Headache is a common sign of dehydration, and drinking enough water can help relieve the symptoms and severity of frequent migraine. However, extensive research is still needed to back the beneficial role of water intake in reducing or preventing headaches.

Bottom Line

Even minor dehydration can cause mental and physical health problems. To avoid dehydration, try to maintain a minimal fluid consumption target. Drinking recommended amount of fluid in the form of water, juices, or tea can help to boost your body metabolism and improve your overall health.

You can also consider taking Diamond Glow with your fluids. It’s a powdered supplement that helps boost energy, improves your skin health, and helps with overall hydration. 

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