8 oily skin causes you missed to avoid (Updated 2022)

Having oily skin makes your skin looks shiny and I know for sure it’s uncomfortable. Not only that, it can cause so many skin problems like acne.

We need to understand our skin first before we can treat them. Some oily skin can cause because the skin is too dry and some oily skin is caused by unsuitable skincare products, stress, genetics, hormone, and many more.

Have you ever experienced a situation when you see your friends with oily skin using certain skincare products and it works for them but when you try it, unfortunately, it doesn’t work for you? It always happened to me too! I feel you. It’s very disappointing and sometimes demotivating, right?

So we need to know what has been causing oily skin for us and test from there. You really need to look at what you eat, what you drink, the environment, your skincare routine, and sooo much more! Let me list the causes and we go through them together okay?

  1. Sugar intake
    • if you are a sugar lover like me, you need to slowly cut down your sugar intake.
    • Tip: don’t store any sweet drinks or cordials in your house as you will have the tendency to drink them
    • Tip: don’t store any candies, chocolate, or desserts in your house too
    • whatever goes into your body will show it to your skin
    • if you can control and maintain and good diet you will be surprised by the result
  2. Skincare routine
    • sometimes you don’t need 7 steps skincare routine to get clear and healthy skin. Start finding the right cleanser and then you can add with toner then serum and so forth
    • the major steps are cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen
    • find the right ingredients for your skin as there are no black and white on this. Different people suit different ingredients, so you need to try and error
  3. Environment
    • If you are always exposed to smoke this will definitely can cause oily skin
    • Too hot or too cold weather also can cause oily skin
  4. Hot shower
    • Oh yeah hot shower definitely my favourite too but this will dry out the skin and cause more oily skin
    • Best shower with warm water or room temperature water
    • As I said, too hot or too cold are never good. You need to balance it
  5. Overwashing
    • Having oily skin will make you want to always wash your face but this will only worsen it
    • You can wash your face but don’t use any cleanser. Only use water
    • Also, if you always wash your face with water to remove the excess oil, make sure to moisturize your skin back as we don’t want it to dry too
    • I have made these silly mistakes before because I cannot stand having my face so oily and shiny so please don’t over-wash your face using a cleanser
  6. Over moisturize
    1. Yes this also can cause your skin to be oily
    2. When you over-moisturize your skin, you can clog your pores and cause excess oil and worst, acne!
    3. Hydrate your skin with hydrating-based products and drink lots of water
  7. Imbalanced hormones
    • As a woman, we struggle a lot with these. I suggest you consume a supplement that can help balance your hormone to treat the inside of the body
    • Consuming supplements can add more nutrients that your body needs
    • More nutrients = Clearer and healthier-looking skin
  8. Genetics
    • Sorry but for this one, you need to wait for it to pass and I don’t have the answer to the genetic problem

oily skin to clear and healthy skinSo happy to share that I have helped this lady overcome her skin barrier


So identify what causes your skin to get very oily and makes your skin super shiny before you treat them. Knowing the problem first is always the way for you to get the solution. Don’t go crazy trying everything and making your skin worst.

Yeah that’s all I can share based on my experience. Do add any causes or even tips that you have experienced in the comment section below. I would love to know it. Much love 😘




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