Pores get bigger when you do this 7 big mistakes

pores get bigger

Visible pores make your face looks not flawless and it does bring insecurity when pores get bigger and bigger, right?

A leading misconception about open pores is that you can shrink or close them. The truth is that no amount of wishing can close or shrink pores. They need to be opened to allow your skin areas where sebum and other materials leave the skin, keeping it healthy.

The only thing that you can do is to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores by cleansing the debris, such as daily dirt or makeup that has been trapped inside of the open pore, making them less visible to the naked eye.

There are several causes of large-looking open pores. They include:

  • high levels of oil (sebum) production

  • reduced elasticity around pores

  • thick hair follicles

  • genetics or heredity

  • reduction of collagen production in the skin, caused by aging

  • sun damage or overexposure to the sun

Here are 7 skincare mistakes that make your pores get bigger:


  1. Using oil blotting papers too frequently
  2. Forcibly extracting blackheads and pimples
  3. Over exfoliating
  4. Drying out the skin
  5. Comedogenic ingredients
  6. Foods that make your skin oily
  7. Setting your makeup with powder too often during the day

How to lessen the appearance of enlarged pores:

  • Use retinol
  • Treat acne
  • Protect your face with sunscreen every day
  • Exfoliate
  • Be gentle with your skin
  • Treat sagging skin
  • Using water-based products
  • Washing face both morning and nights
  • Moisturize daily
  • Apply a clay mask
  • Always remove makeup before bed
  • Drink supplements

Pro Tip: Pores get bigger especially when your skin is dry. Hydrate your body and skin with enough water and moisturizer to lessen the appearance of large pores.


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