What Causes Skin Imbalances and How to Fix it

Do you have sensitive, dry, flaky, or rough skin? Or does your skin lose elasticity and show properties like irritation, redness, inflammation, spots, or acne? If yes, then chances are your skin is imbalanced.

Let’s have a look at some common problems that can cause skin imbalance and how to deal with it.

4 Causes of Skin Imbalance and Solutions 

Hormonal Imbalance

Changes in hormones because of stress, aging, menstrual cycle, and even a new exercise routine are very common. All these imbalances quickly appear on your skin, particularly around your chin area, and may lead to acne breakout sometimes.

Even if hormone levels are balanced, sometimes our skin reaction to minor shifts in hormones makes us use concealer. It’s because our skin becomes more sensitive to hormones over time.

Most often, we make the mistake of balancing imbalanced skin by using overly moisturizing creams, which actually make the issue worse. See a dermatologist and consider using a prescribed skincare product.

Exposure to UV Rays

Rare exposure to ultraviolet rays may not cause sunburn but throw your skin off balance. What happens is that often we do not feel radiations coming from the sun, especially exposure on cloudy days or through closed windows. But these radiations still impact our skin health. This results in inflammation due to radiation and damaged skin cells that can’t recover from sun exposure.

To prevent skin from UV damage, consider using a sunscreen every day, even at home. To recover skin damage due to UV, consider using chemical peels or taking multivitamins that help heal sun damage.

It might be Microbiome

Do you know there is a microbiome (similar to gut bacteria) living on the surface of our body and face? Overuse of certain skincare products (such as cleansers that make your skin leave squeaky clean) can cause the instability of the skin’s microbiome, also known as dysbiosis. In the end, the skin that looks “too clean” is actually the cause of unbalanced bacteria which may make your skin more prone to rosacea, acne, eczema, or cirrhosis.

Take care of different strains of healthy skin bacteria and avoid products that can dry out skin, such as antimicrobial soaps. Using products that contain postbiotics or prebiotics can be helpful. They allow healthy skin bacteria to flourish and live on the body and face. This will also help balance your skin.

Seasonal Changes

Temperature changes can destabilize your skin. Oftentimes the possibility of getting dry, flaky skin during winter and oily, acne-prone skin in the summer increases for some people.

To fight seasonal skin changes, pick products that balance your skin’s pH levels. Moreover, recover the moisture loss to dry skin by activating cell regeneration. Using ingredients like ammonium lactate and urea can help the skin throw away old cells for a healthier look. You can also take multivitamins to combat seasonal ski changes. Diamond Glow is one such multivitamin that helps make your skin more radiant and glowing without needing to drink lots of water or avoid caffeine. Check our product at Peche.my/product/diamond-glow/.

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