1 Skincare Experience You’ll Thank Later

Honestly, I like to try skincare products, and of course like most of the other girls out there I want fast-result products! If you don’t know about this crucial thing..

Fast-result = Higher chemicals guyssss! Wanting to have white bright, clear, and glowing skin while not caring about skincare products with high chemicals caused acne breakouts and sensitive skin. Not even that, but once you stop using the products your skin became worst! Now it’s dull, oily, and acne all over my face urgh!

Who to blame huh? And my self-esteem has gone idk where. I skipped classes sooo many times because I don’t have the confidence to go out. And once I didn’t go to class for 3 months straight and waited for my skin to get better. Covering with make-up will make it worse and slow the improvement. So what now?

Well, with effort comes a miracle ay? Like any other fairytale, one day my step-mom open her mouth and said something that change my entire life! “I have this one friend of mine who works with chemists from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and they produce products that help skin problems like you. Do you wanna try them? I can try asking him to get some free samples”. Why only now Mom? HAHAHA (not being grateful 😂)

Without hesitating, I said YES! As long as it’s safe. Wiser now huh LOL. Alhamdulillah my mom managed to get some samples from her friend but I was skeptical because her friend only gave me 7 sachets. Like seriously 7 sachets going to make this acne go away? Seriously….

Well, what do I have to lose right? Let’s try it! Without putting so much hope, I just consumed it and not looking so much myself in the mirror. Within the 7 days, I can’t remember which day, my mom said my skin is getting brighter and clearer! OMG for real?! Yes guys!

So I keep on consuming it for 3 months and let’s look at my skin after 3 months consumed this mysterious product!


3 months result


Look at my skin guys! No filter for the after picture guys. You can see how I suffer in the before picture. Believe it or not, my confidence level just leveled up to a whole new level now. Thanks to this awesome product. What is more important for a woman than having clear healthy looking skin?

I’m pretty sure you are dying to know the product, right? 😚 Alright alright, here you go guys my life saver . You gotta try to believe it guys. The most important things are it’s safe with Halal and MOH certification.

Share down below in the comment section your experience with the product okay? Your story will help other women as I help yours. Thank you in advance!

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