10 Women Try This & Loved

If you have read my previous blog, you already know how I achieved healthy skin. To have clear-healthy looking skin is every women’s dream.

Using it on my own is no fun. Sharing it with every woman out there and being able to help them get their dream skin, that’s FUN! But first, let’s share it with my 10 closest friends first and see how it turns out for them. I am super excited and nervous at the same time. Of course, I want it to score 10 out of 10.

I provided them with 14 sachets instead of 7 just in case their body needs more time to show results. Most of them with skin problems like acne, scars, oily and dull. I believe with repairing their inside will help make their skin appear clearer and healthier. Just like mine 🤞🏻 Okay I know you guys already can’t wait to see their before and after pictures he he he

Before that, let me share with you 15 ingredients of Diamond Glow that are imported from Swiss & Brazil:

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen (make sure you are not allergic to collagen to take this)
Mixed Berries Extract
Ascorbic Acid
Beta Glucan
Malus Domestica Extract
Prune Extract
Apricot Extract
Guarana Extract
Acai Berry Extract
Grape Seed Extract
Pine Bark Extract

Now you know the secret ingredients to healthy skin. Oh but don’t be scared because it doesn’t taste any fish collagen at all. In fact, it tastes yummy like Ribena. Even better actually. You can taste the richness of mixed berries. Ah writing this makes me wanna drink one now 😋

Please also make sure you don’t have all of these to try Diamond Glow:


  • phenylketonuria PKU
  • histamine intolerance
  • cyst
  • tumors
  • thyroid
  • lymphoma
  • cystic fibrosis
  • protein allergen
  • vegan
  • diabetic (refer doctor for our ingredients)
  • chronic disease (refer to a doctor for our ingredients)
  • high blood pressure (refer to a doctor for our ingredients)
  • heart attack (refer doctor for our ingredients)

No matter how much you want to try, just don’t okay! As advised by the chemist, it’s not recommended.

Hey! Let’s make it more fun! How much do you think I score for these testimonies?

5/10? 3/10? 6/10? 10/10 or 0/10? Take a guess..

Sensitive and dull skin problems result in brighter and healthier skin

Acne & dull skin problems result in less acne and brighter

Scars & dull skin problems result in no more scars and brighter

Old scars problem result in fading scars and brighter

Dull skin problems result in brighter and skinnier


I SCORED 9/10 GUYS! But not everyone wants to share their before-after picture. Only managed to get 5 to share. So I found out that 1 girl didn’t even consistent drinking it as she always forgot. But hey, 9/10 is GREAT!

From the before-after pictures, you can see many of them result in brightening and loss weight too! Oh my goodness, I didn’t expect weight loss though. Not only does Diamond Glow help treat your acne, scars, oily, and dry, but it also brightens and maintains your ideal weight. Can I say Diamond Glow is all in one now?

Seems like it right? But I can safely say that its main function is more to the skin rather than weight loss. Let me officially share the Diamond Glow picture with you now ay? I just realised I didn’t share it yet. Silly me 😝  Let’s give a round of applause to the ahhhmazinggg skin solution product, Diamond Glow!

(New packaging shoo cute)


So yeah, that’s the story of the 10 first women who tried Diamond Glow after me. If you wanna feel the difference yourself, just click the link and try your first tub. Try now

Hey, don’t forget to share with me your journey with Diamond Glow in the comment section so I can share it with all the women out there too. Your sharing is much appreciated. See you on the next blog! Much love 😘




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