1 new easiest lasting way for dark underarm (2022)

Having a dark underarm and not getting lasting solutions to brighten it is forever a problem for everyone, especially women.

I can assure you none of us would be happy to have dark underarm and we are dying to try any ways to brighten them. I know it because I used to have dark underarm too.

Especially when we are married. Oh my, we become more insecure to lift up our hands as it will show not appealing dark underarm even from far. We need to be comfortable and confident around everyone so this problem needs to be solved pronto!

I have tried laser to be honest and the result was remarkable but the price to maintain is just too much for me. If you have the budget go for it! It worked! How many sessions you need depends on your underarm. The darker it is, the more sessions you need. Pro tip: when you are under laser treatment, DO NOT wax to remove the hair! It will burn your underarm and it will turn black! Please use razors and shave them.

The other best solution is whitening scrub. A whitening scrub that can be used daily to get a faster result without irritating your skin. This is as far as I know the first in the market, a scrub that can be used daily. I love the fact that it can be used daily because we are using deodorant on a daily basis. So we need to remove the deodorant chemicals from our underarms daily too.

I tried for the first time scrubbing it gently on my skin and leaving it for 5 minutes to let it absorb. Guess what? After only the first usage, I can already see my underarm is brightened! After the first usage only guys! I need like few sessions for the laser to see it whiten but this product only needs a one-time usage to show the result.

Obviously, I keep on using it and remember to always scrub it gently because we want to use it on a daily basis. We don’t want to tear our skin by scrubbing too hard. Please no! Keep it steady and gently.

I just love the smell of this scrub! It smells peach and the texture makes it easy to scrub. It doesn’t use sugar. The scrub is using sea salt which we all know sea salt has many benefits for the skin. One major benefit of using sea salt in your skincare routine is theย boost of trace minerals it offers your skin. The trace minerals in sea salt include magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium โ€” all of which aid in optimal skin health and function.

The scrub has 18 active ingredients to help smoothen and whiten the skin. You can also apply it to any dark body parts except for your face. Your dark knees, elbows, neck, toes, and any other dark parts. The benefits are just amazing for the skin:


  • Whitening
  • Removing dead skin cells
  • Smoothing & softening dry skin
  • Smoothing razor bumps
  • Freeing ingrown hairs
  • Promotes skin hydration

You can feel it instantly after using it. I’m going to share a few feedbacks from customers who purchased it down below for your reference. Oh yeah, they are giving FREE 10 days body & mind detox program worth RM149 for this week’s promo. So grab yourself one tub and feel the difference yourself.

Get the underarm whitening scrub and don’t forget to share with me your feedback. I would love to know how it helps you. Please share it in the comment section down below. Let’s lift up our hands with confidence ๐Ÿ˜ Much love ๐Ÿ˜˜


underarm whtening scrub

underarm whitening scrub







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