What Happens if You Don’t Remove Blackheads?

What Happens if You Don’t Remove Blackheads

Clogged skin pores due to the deposition of excessive oil, toxins, dust, or dead skin cells are the leading causes of blackheads. Though blackheads do not pose any serious harm to your skin or health, leaving them untreated may lead to deep or huge blackheads and a few other skin conditions. 

Keep reading to know what happens if you don’t remove blackheads.

What Happens if You Don’t Remove Blackheads?

Not removing blackheads can lead to various other skin conditions, including: 

Can Cause Acne

Blackheads are the types of acne that may form due to the clogging of hair follicles. Minor blackheads may be harmless to skin health. However, if they persist for longer, it might cause various infections and inflammation. Moreover, they may also stimulate acne lesions, causing pimples, cysts, bumps, or other skin disorders. 

Can Develop Scars

Blackheads can cause skin diseases, blemishes, and discomfort if left untreated.  They might also leave lasting acne scars that are sometimes difficult to remove with topical treatments. In this case, your doctor may suggest different treatment choices such as laser therapy to safely remove blackheads and lessen scars. 

Can Lead to Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition characterized by dark spots due to the overproduction of melanin– the pigment responsible for specific skin color, hair, and nails. Sun exposure, aging, trauma, and blackheads can all cause hyperpigmentation. If you don’t get rid of blackheads, they may become more pigmented, thus appearing darker than before.

Can Form Deep or Huge Blackheads

As long as blackheads remain present, their chances of penetrating deep inside the skin cells increase. Moreover, the constant build-up of dirt, toxins, or dead cells can also cause the formation of huge blackheads. The deeper and huge the blackhead, the more difficult it is to remove them, causing long-lasting skin problems. 

How to Safely Remove Blackheads?

There are multiple ways to remove blackheads but all of them need proper care to avoid skin irritation or infection.

Usually, popping blackheads without precautions may result in severe skin infections. Moreover, improper sterilization of tools used in the procedure may also increase the risk factor of skin infections after removing blackheads. 

We’d recommend seeking treatment from your beautician or dermatologist for the best results without causing any skin damage.

Effective Ways to Remove Blackheads

Removing blackheads demands a lot of care and sterilization. You can opt for home treatments, but it’s good to go for medical treatment for more reliable results. Some of the most effective ways of treating blackheads are:

  • Steam to soften clogged pores filled with debris, thus helping break down deposited waste in pores with more ease
  • Exfoliate with a mild scrub having alpha and beta hydroxy acids to safely remove blackheads. Ensure gentle scrubbing as harsh treatment can worsen the problem
  • Cleanse using cleansers that contain glycolic acid and salicylic acid because they act as humectants that help retain natural skin moisture
  • Go for professional extraction such as dermabrasion and chemical peels

Bottom Line

There are various risks associated with not eliminating blackheads, including skin infections, acne outbreaks, and hyperpigmentation. Make sure to remove blackheads and maintain a proper skincare routine to keep them from coming back. 

You may also consider taking Diamond Glow, a multivitamin that contains vitamin A, B, C, and E and other natural ingredients to help heal various skin conditions, including blackheads, whiteheads, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation so you get more glowing and clear skin.

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