6 Worst Foods that Can Cause Acne

foods that can cause acne

The link between certain foods and acne breakout is still a controversial debate. The facts vary from person to person in acne-prone skin types. One specific food may cause acne in some people while the same food may not affect others. However, keeping a good balance of healthy food and avoiding junk or unhealthy diet may contribute larger to getting rid of acne. 

In this article, we’ve listed the 6 worst food choices that can trigger acne development. 

6 Foods that Can Cause Acne

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cheese, milk, butter, and full-fat yogurt may cause painful pimples and acne. Lactose intolerance can also make the symptoms worse. Research reveals that milk and ice cream are major acne-causing dairy products. However, there’s room for further research to find how exactly dairy products lead to acne.

Alcoholic Beverages

Consuming alcoholic beverages may disturb your hormonal balance, especially estrogen and testosterone. The disturbance in these two hormones is the major contributing factor to acne formation and its severity. Moreover, alcohol may also decrease immunity which results in allergies and frequent skin infections including acne.

Junk Food

Most people claim junk food as the principal triggering factor for acne. Fast food includes a vast variety of burgers, French fries, and pizzas that are extremely unhealthy for your health and skin. 

The high content of saturated fats and processed ingredients may cause multiple skin disorders by disturbing the hormonal balance or blood sugar level. Thus, both these factors can induce acne breakout.

However, if you have extreme cravings for fast food, you may try homemade products to reduce the content of processed ingredients.

Foods Rich in Omega-6 Fats

Omega-6 fatty acids may induce skin disorders in acne-prone skins as they are inflammatory. The richest sources of omega-6 fats are nuts, sunflower oil, fish oil, and soybean. These foods may increase sebum production and worsen the signs of acne. 

A study was conducted on individuals using fish oil for 12 weeks and results indicated that the oil can increase the severity of acne.

High Sugar Foods

If you want a sweet dessert after dinner, it’s time to quickly stop or minimize its intake to reduce the risk of acne. High sugar foods boost insulin production which can lead to the production of excess sebum, thus causing clogging of pores and inflammation in the body. Excess sebum may trigger acne development. According to a recent study, high sugar intake can induce a high risk of acne breakouts.

Whey Protein Powder

Protein powders are usually used by athletes and bodybuilders who want to build their muscles fast. It is rich in amino acids (building blocks of proteins), thus contributing largely to the strengthening of muscles. However, whey protein can boost insulin levels that resultantly cause acne breakouts. 

Bottom Line

Research data indicating the link between acne and foods is yet insufficient to give particular dietary recommendations. However, you should keep a food diary to identify patterns in the type of foods triggering your acne problem. In addition to this, avoiding the consumption of the above-mentioned food may also help you prevent or treat acne. 

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