7 Amazing Health Benefits of Acai Berry Extract

health benefits of acai berry extract

Acai berry is a highly nutritious superfruit that is native to America. It’s extracted from acai palm trees and comes packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Acai berry extract can provide potent health benefits such as improving cognitive function, digestive health, and cardiac fitness. 

Let’s have a look at the health benefits of acai berry extract for your health.

7 Benefits of Acai Berry Extract for Your Health 

Protects From Neurological Disorders

Acai is rich in polyphenols that are effective in treating and preventing neurological disorders. Similarly, it can also control the accumulation of beta-amyloid- a compound that causes Alzheimer’s disease by interrupting the brain’s communication. It can cause the brain to suffer from inflammation and slow brain death.

Research conducted on rats to check the effectiveness of acai berries suggests that it helped improve memory by reducing inflammatory signaling while aging. Moreover, it also protects the brain cells from oxidative damage.

Helps Weight loss

The high content of fiber in acai berry extract makes it ideal for providing satiating- the feeling of fullness. It can reduce cravings that can contribute to reducing weight healthily. Furthermore, the high fatty acid content can speed up the metabolism rate which aids in getting rid of excessive fat.

Helps Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels 

Sterols present in acai berry extract can be used to reduce bad cholesterol levels by preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the body. A study claims that acai berries can significantly reduce the risk of atherosclerosis by improving the lipid profile. Moreover, an increase in antioxidant levels may also help improve heart health.

Improves Digestive System

Another benefit of acai berry extract is that it can help boost digestive system functionality. It can be considered prebiotics in the colon, hence contributing to better gut health. Moreover, a densely packed fiber may help regulate bowel movements and prevent bloating issues.

Good for Diabetes

The glycemic index of acai is low, which is good for diabetic patients. It also has a low level of lipids. Acai juice can be a healthy way to keep your blood sugar level in check.

Prevents Premature aging

The high antioxidant content in acai boosts its anti-aging effects. One little acai berry contains almost thrice as many antioxidants as blueberry and ten times as much as a grape. It is also rich in phytochemicals that help slow down and even reverse the effects of aging.

Protects from Oxidative Stress

Acai berry extract is incredibly rich in antioxidants that help protect the body against free radicals. It can neutralize the free radicals damage and help prevent the associated risk of various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, chronic liver, and kidney diseases. 

The antioxidant content of acai berries can also aid better absorption in the gut, making it highly suitable for good digestion.

Bottom Line

Taking acai berry extract either fresh or in the form of supplements can be highly beneficial for your health. Diamond Glow is a multivitamin that contains a balanced blend of acai berry extract, apricot extract,  prune extract, vitamin A, B, C, and E, and other natural ingredients to promote skin and hair health. It also improves your overall health by aiding gut health and immunity. Click here to learn more about Diamond Glow or order it for you.

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