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Undeniable glutathione facts help to whiten skin (2022)

Whitening skin is a trend in Malaysia and some other countries and women are willing to spend thousands of ringgit on glutathione. Glutathione has been women’s favourite ingredient for whitening. Some consume glutathione in powder, some in tablets and some will go the extra mile and do direct injections of glutathione to their body to […]

How Diet Affects Your Skin Health?

How Diet Affects Your Skin Health?

The key to healthy and glowing skin is a well-balanced diet composed of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Foods rich in protein, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids can help fight numerous skin infections, making it more glowing and youthful.  On the other hand, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, and foods having high sugar content are […]

Oily Skin After Accutane: Addressing Your Concerns

oily skin after Accutane

Accutane or isotretinoin is usually considered the ‘ultimate solution’ for severe acne caused by excessively oily skin. It is a derivative of vitamin A that is generally prescribed to treat acne-prone and oily skin.  Research claims that Accutane is highly effective in treating or declining acne by minimizing its significant causes. It is potent and efficient; […]

7 Amazing Benefits of Hydration for Skin

benefits of hydration for skin

Skin acts as a thermo-regulator to protect the internal body organs from harsh weather and environmental pollutants. It comprises around 64% water, which means hydration is important to maintain your skin’s elasticity and resilience. Moreover, a well-hydrated skin is less prone to premature aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines and also helps boost […]

Whiteheads on Nose: Causes and Treatments

whiteheads on nose

The T-zone area, specifically the nose, is the most sensitive area of the skin vulnerable to acne breakouts such as pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads.  Whiteheads or closed comedones are non-inflammatory skin lesions that may develop on the nose when skin pores become clogged due to dead skin cells, dust, toxins, or excess sebum. They’re annoying […]

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